We provide high standards logistics, supply chain, and all types of transportation services and accessories with the most resonable prices and congenial attitude throughout Afghanistan.

Vision Statement

To become one of Afghan's leading Logistics and Transportation company and acquire a position to compete with the regional companies.

Our Mission

To install client confidence in service, quality and value, And become one of an Afghan's leading Logistics and Transportation Company and acquire a position to compete with the regional.

Companies Core Value

We value, as a top priority, our customers and lasting relations with the customers, whom we deal as our relatives. We do not have just a business deal with the customer but form a strong relation that we strive to continue on the long run. Moreover, we also value our staff members and worker and believe in their development and improvement so that they should play a role not only in their personal and professional life but the growth of the company and the satisfaction of the customers as a whole.

Business Goals & Objectives

We want to be there whenever the customers require us. Our basic goal is to bring about considerable changes in the way the logistics and transportation companies deal with the customers and the society as a whole. By turning our company effective and efficient we do not have just the objective of being profitable for ourselves but the economy and the society as a whole.

Growth Strategy

Though the economic circumstances in Afghanistan have been fluctuating, we intend to continue our growth and development by keeping in consideration the changing scenario and the overgrowing necessities of the time and deal with them as per their requirements. We never intend to be conservative in accepting the changes as we believe that nothing is permanent except change and we have to take complete advantage of it.

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